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Micro Rings

A strand-by-strand method that makes one of the most natural hair finishes

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Treatments Overview

Micro ring hair extensions are one of the most natural and undetectable hair extension methods available on the market today.

The technique used is a strand-by-strand method, where human hair extensions are attached to individual sections of your natural hair with small metal tubes called micro rings. This method allows your hair to look and feel very natural and will allow your hair extensions to blend in perfectly with your natural hair.

Using our micro ring extension method we supply clients with two luxury quality human hair types. Indian Remy and Russian/European hair. Both our luxury Indian remy human hair extensions and premium quality Russian/European hair are super soft, tangle free and full of shine.

All of our hair is cuticle correct hair often referred to as remy human hair. This simply means that all our hair has been carefully sorted to ensure the cuticles remain attached and are all facing the same direction. This is a very crucial procedure, as this is what will prevent the hair from tangling, matting and will allow your hair extensions to be more manageable and easily styled.

We have over 100 colours to choose from and various lengths ranging from 10-24 inches

Hair being styled

Indian Remy Hair

Our Indian Remy human hair is the best quality and sourced by ourselves directly from Asia. Our Indian remy hair is silky smooth and dries with a natural wave. This hair is designed to last up to six months depending on your natural hair growth and client aftercare. Our Indian remy hair is ideal for clients who are trying out hair extensions for the first time or who are looking to transform their look for a special occasion.

When purchasing our professional shampoo/conditioner and Tangle tamer we guarantee our Ladylux Indian Remy hair extensions will lose up to three months. Many clients go on to wear this hair for upto six months with the correct maintenance and aftercare.

Indian Hair Pricelist

Size Half Head 3/4 Head Full Head Extra Thick
16" £285.00 £325.00 £380.00 £435.00
18" £295.00 £345.00 £400.00 £465.00
20" £325.00 £380.00 £430.00 £495.00
22" £345.00 £390.00 £440.00 £545.00
24" £385.00 £435.00 £495.00 £590.00
Removal (30-40mins) £50.00 £50.00 £60.00 £60.00
Maintenance 6 weeks  £75.00 £80.00 £85.00 £90.00


Hair being applied

European Hair

Our premium quality Russian/European Hair is of superior quality and is sources from Northerm and Southern Russia Our Russian hair really is one of the finest hair sources on the market and will last a client up to twelve months depending on client hair growth and aftercare.

Ladylux Russian/ European human hair is effortlessly gorgeous and very easily styled and maintained. This hair is perfect for clients who wear hair extensions religiously. When purchasing our professional salon shampoo and Conditioner, Moroccan oil and Tangle Tamer we guarantee these extensions for six months. Many clients wear this premium quality hair for up to one year, with the correct maintenance and aftercare.

European Hair Pricelist

Size Half Head 3/4 Head Full Head Extra Thick
16" £390.00 £470.00 £550.00 £630.00
18" £430.00 £510.00 £590.00 £670.00
20" £470.00 £550.00 £630.00 £710.00
22" £510.00 £590.00 £670.00 £750.00
24" £550.00 £630.00 £710.00 £790.00
Removal (price 30-40mins) £50.00 £50.00 £60.00 £60.00
Maintenance 6-7 weeks (price per hour) £75.00 £80.00 £85.00 £90.00